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Salary: Up to $150K + Annual Performance Bonus




This role is specifically focused on assuring that the proper process design is employed for the engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up of the manufacturing facilities. This position is a lead position within the Project Technical Team and reports to the Project General Manager. This position will work with the project organization and the engineering contractors to ensure that a complete and safe process scope is generated, that the proper codes and standards are developed and adhered to, that the process design deliverables are of proper quality, and that the commissioning and start-up plans are complete and executed in an efficient and effective manner. Given that this is a project role, it can be expected that the role will change and evolve during the various stages of the project.



Participate and influence process design and engineering:

  • Lead the process design of the production process.

  • Design, coordinate, and execute process development experiments at the pilot and commercial scale to optimize the process design.

  • Lead the effort to create all process related project codes and standards, including understanding and implementing design codes.

  • Lead effort to assess options and select the final process design.

  • Control philosophy development, design, documentation and implementation.

  • Equipment design and specifications.

  • Conduct reviews of basic and detailed engineering documents to guarantee performance of the plant.

  • Steer basic and detailed engineering processes to ensure final design has the expected performance.

  • Coordinate peer reviews and peer assists where applicable.

  • Ensure safety is designed into the asset in line with minimum requirements as summarized in the Process Safety Handbook.

  • Drive hazard analysis of process design including assessing and implementing hazard analysis recommendations.

  • Coordinate new process/existing asset interface to ensure minimal cost and operational disruption.

Front-end loading organization phase:

  • Consult with contractors to identify risks, handle questions and clarify misunderstandings.

  • Train contractor staff on technology and organize team for efficient process design activity.

  • Execute process design deliverables aligned with project execution philosophy.

  • Ensure appropriate process design tools are available.

Select and Define Stage Engineering:

  • Define capital efficient process within safety, reliability, operating cost, and product quality and product distribution performance requirements.

  • Support the design of integral control systems and process engineering including but not limited to: process flow diagrams, P&IDs, equipment lists and specifications.

  • Support the design of integral process safety systems including but not limited to safety interlocks, safety devices, including specification and schematics.

  • Participate in process safety evaluations as per industry standard, including SIL analysis and HAZOP process.

  • Assist other engineering discipline design efforts such as plot plan design, equipment spacing and arrangement, constructability, piping layout and design, and preliminary mechanical, instrumentation and electrical engineering.

  • Lead the EPC design team.

  • Develop final Heat and Material Balance (H&MB).

  • Develop Design Basis Documentation.

  • Develop Process Flow Diagrams for the process to be constructed, finalized by end of SELECT Stage.

  • Develop Piping and Instrument Diagrams for the process, finalized by end of DEFINE Stage.

  • Develop equipment list, perform equipment sizing based on the H&MB and develop process specifications for all equipment.

  • Develop process control philosophy, develop safety interlock philosophy and schematics.

  • Develop instrument list, perform detailed process control design and develop process specifications for all instruments and process control systems.

  • Develop safety device list, perform safety device sizing based on most likely failure scenario’s and develop process specifications for all safety devices.

  • Develop utilities and chemicals requirements or perform OSBL design as per above as the case may be.

  • Prepare technical process documents required for project sanctioning.

  • Ensure input from Operations and Maintenance organizations of current PAO operations.

  • Perform all process safety evaluations as per industry standard, including SIL analysis and HAZOP process.

  • Support preparation of cost estimates for the project.

  • Review equipment bids and support equipment selection process.

  • Support implementation of Value Improving Practices (e.g. Design to Capacity, Constructability, Reliability Modelling, etc.).

  • Support other engineering discipline design efforts such as plot plan design, equipment spacing and arrangement, constructability, piping layout and design, and preliminary mechanical, instrumentation and electrical engineering.

Execute Stage:

  • Audit and Conduct FAT and SAT on all control systems and safety instrumented systems for the plant.

  • Support finalizing engineering discipline design with minimal change to process design.

  • Support Pre-commissioning and Commissioning / start-up planning.

  • Participate in construction activity and field review as required.

  • Prepare process documentation for hand-over to Plant Operations.

  • Act as mentor to provide technical expertise and training to site engineers and contractor personnel.

  • Train personnel on Process Safety codes and standards.

  • Identify risks, handle questions and clarify misunderstandings.

  • Lead punch-listing efforts in the final stages of construction to ensure all process components are constructed as specified.

Operate Stage:

  • Drive PSSRs and drive for a safe unit start-up.

  • Support operations during start-up and initial months of operations.

  • Conduct rate tests and unit trials to benchmark process performance against intended process design.

  • Ensure appropriate documentation of start-up data and hand-over to operations.



  • Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering.

  • Minimum 10 years process design and chemical operations experience strongly preferred.

  • Experience with process simulation required with demonstrated real world model validation and application.

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of process chemistry and engineering.

  • Broad based knowledge and experience in chemical process and unit operations design.

  • Demonstrated experience designing and executing experiments at the lab, pilot, and commercial scale and then applying results to process design.

  • Mentoring experience on technical topics .

  • Understanding of chemical process control and safety system design.

  • Strong computational and data analysis skills.

  • Strong IT skills with process modelling and process simulation software.

  • Strong problem-solving skills.

  • Project experience.

  • Rapid problem solving together with the ability to multitask.

  • Knowledge of applicable process specifications and requirements.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills at all organizational levels.

  • Build networks to enhance effectiveness ad share knowledge.

  • Self-motivated, self-starter; able to work with minimal supervision.

  • Position requires strong technical and influencing skills.

  • Tenacity and patience.

  • Team player with “can do” attitude.

  • Able to connect with people from differing cultures and backgrounds.

  • Self-motivated with ability to work in an intense, fast paced environment.

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